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Prosperty is the best way to find residential revenue property deals instantly

Prosperty is the best online solution to find residential real estate deals instantly!

With a database of more than 60,000 leases that continues to grow and analyzes of more than 100,000 income properties, Prosperty has developed expertise to create profitability analysis simulations.

Each property is examined with the eyes of the buyer

Expenses are established to reflect the most likely operating costs and for some of them, harmonized according to CMHC parameters

Revenues from vacant or owner-occupied dwellings are adjusted based on actual area rents

A Rent Roll is put together

Prosperty is a refined search engine able to discover the best properties according to the usual criteria but also according to the:

Down payment required

Annual net cash flow

Percentage of vacant dwellings

Cost per door

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PROSPERTY lets you search properties from a different angle... THEIR POTENTIAL!

Access to average rent per area, BASED ON LEASES

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